5 Ways BĒA Can Boost Your Day

When it comes to powering up each day, we know you have options. Whether you are looking for a more focused start to the day or a sparkling refreshment to perk you up in the afternoon, BĒA is your clean energy solution.  

Here are 5 ways that BĒA keeps you energized when you need it most. 

Refreshing Sparkling Taste

With fun, fruity flavors like Citrus Sunrise and Mango Mimosa, BĒA lifts your senses from the first sip. Mango Mimosa blends orange and mango natural flavors for an uplifting experience. Citrus Sunrise adds a little zest to your day with bright citrus and fruit punch flavors such as natural lemon and pineapple flavors. 

Vitamins from Organic Whole Vegetables

BĒA provides a balanced blend of 12 vitamins from organic whole vegetables. These vitamins are gently extracted from spinach, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, orange, apple, strawberry, shiitake mushroom, and maitake mushroom to nourish and revitalize your body and help you feel at your best. 

Adaptogens to Enhance Your Day

With all the stressors headed your way each day, the need for balance is evident. Getting a daily dose of adaptogens like those found in BĒA can help your body adjust to the effects of stress and give you the boost you need (1,2). Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb and adaptogen shown to help the body adapt to the effects of physical and mental stress (3,4). Shiitake and maitake mushrooms are adaptogenic mushrooms that have been traditionally used for thousands of years for an array of benefits, including enhanced physical performance (5). Adaptogens, alongside naturally-sourced caffeine, can enhance your ability to endure long days and feel less fatigue. 

Natural Caffeine from Green Tea

It comes as no surprise that nearly 80% of U.S. adults already consume a caffeinated beverage each day. Caffeine, after all, does a great job at keeping you energized and alert when consumed in moderate amounts. BĒA provides 125 milligrams of caffeine from green tea leaves, which is about the same amount of caffeine as a 12-ounce mug of coffee. Naturally sourced caffeine is paired with polyphenol phytonutrients to help boost metabolism, spark energy, and improve mental performance (6,7). 

No Sugar Crash 

BĒA is a clean energy alternative that is lightly sweetened with erythritol, stevia leaf, and monk fruit extract. These plant-derived sweeteners provide 94% fewer calories than sugar. They are considered a low-glycemic option because they don’t cause a rise in blood glucose levels like sugar or other carbohydrates (8). That means BĒA won’t cause the typical spike and crash of sugary drinks that leave you feeling low on fuel later. 

Full of fresh, sparkling flavor and packed with nutrients, there are many reasons you’ll want to reach for BĒA when you need a lift. At 10 calories per serving and less than one gram of sugar, BĒA delivers elevated energy with botanical caffeine and powerful adaptogens in every can.  


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