Dive deeper into the most important areas of your life. Learn how to create financial abundance, leverage multiple streams of income, laugh until your sides hurt and shift into a new lane of beautiful acceleration.


Drive The Line Podcast

Join Jessica and her fabulous guests as they talk about life, business, entrepreneurship and more! Drive The Line with Jessica and leave with simple, actionable steps to take yourself – and what’s important – to the next level.


Drive the Line with massive opportunity (and get the inside scoop on the new face of network marketing!): guest best-selling author Gina DeVee


Drive the Line with your Health (and the one health hack you do not want to miss!): guest Harvard trained Dr. Joshua Plant, PhD


Drive the Line with your Best Self (and learn how to compress time and get it all done with ease!): guest 6 Figure Earner Erika Rothenberger


Hey, I’m Jessica!

I am a mom to four, a biological mom, a foster mom, and an adoptive mom – and wife of 20+ years to my husband, Doug.  I’ve built a direct sales organization using practices and systems that are easily duplicable, practices and systems that have helped me earn over 7 figures in a continually growing business.

I’m also the creator of Drive the Line with Jessica! Driving the line is the one-of-a-kind system I’ve personally used and taught my team to create consistent, epic income that attracts A-player team members. The best part? It avoids burnout so that people like us can enjoy the big success we deserve. 

I’ve spent over a decade developing and refining what is now a proven system thousands in my organization have used to get out of debt, quit life-sucking jobs, retire their husbands and create the financial freedom to buy second homes, easily pay their kids college tuition and discover a meaningful career where their gifts are used at the highest level. I’m so happy you’re here joining this community dedicated to making driving the line a lifestyle. I have found that the concept of driving the line applies not just to professional life but also to personal life. 

I’m a compensation plan expert.  I’ve studied ALL of them which is why I know exactly why most people get them wrong and I’m here to coach you – just like I’ve coached my own team on how to fast track real and long lasting financial success.

I’m excited to work alongside you and get you the systems our team has used to quadruple our growth. 

It’s time.

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